More Images From This Year’s Hikes On The Appalachian Trail And In The Upstate

This post consists of a collection of some more images from my hiking and backpacking trips from 2013. Thanks for viewing.

These two images are of Fontana Lake in North Carolina. These were taken while hiking on the Appalachian Trail from Stecoah Gap to Fontana Dam.

AIMAG0423a  AIMAG0428a

This is a trail that leads down to a cove on Fontana Lake.  It starts at the A.T. shelter that is sometimes referred to as the Fontana Hilton.

AIMAG0434a  IMAG0436

High water levels (and an unexpected swim, lol) had forced us to change our original plans for this day, so we did a couple of short hikes and made several stops including this one at Long Shoals Roadside Park in Upstate South Carolina.  On a warm summer day, you can slide down rock and into the cool water.

AIMAG0401a  IMAG0396

This was the view we had of the Thompson River while on an overnight backpacking trip along the Foothills Trail.


Do you see what I see?  To me, this boulder resembles a Great White shark.


What about these fallen trees?  To me, the first one looks like a wild hog and the second one kind of resembles a horse’s head.

AIMAG0375a  AIMAG0854a

While doing a 16.4 mile dayhike on the Foothills Trail, I passed large boulders and an impressive cascade on the Chattooga River.

AIMAG0496a  AIMAG0494a

This was my view of Table Rock Mountain as seen from Bald Rock Overlook.  You reach this spot while hiking along the Pinnacle Mountain Trail.


While hiking along the Pinnacle Mountain Trail, we also passed this rock-face and small waterfall.


This is the view from a large outcropping near Governor’s Rock.  I passed this spot while hiking to the top of Table Rock Mountain.


My wife and kids and I went on a short dayhike to Whiteside Mountain in NC.  We found these wild flowers along the trail.  Later that day, we went to Silver Run Falls.

AIMAG0637a  AIMAG0652a

Some companions and I hiked to the top of Yonah Mountain in Northeast Georgia.  Because it was rainy and overcast, we had limited views.

AIMAG0668a (3)

I passed some huge boulders on an early fall hike along the Foothills Trail.


The fall colors were spectacular this year.  This was the view from the parking area near Upper Whitewater Falls.


My most recent hike took me to the top of Cheoah Bald where I came across this campfire area.  It was windy and cold, so I didn’t stay for very long.


Well, it’s getting pretty late in the year and Christmas is almost upon us.  I’m hoping that I can still get in a little more hiking before the end of the month.  In case I don’t get a chance to post again, I’d like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

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