Hiking In The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area

On Saturday, some friends and I did about an 8.7 mile hike along the Pinnacle Pass Trail and the Rim Of The Gap Trail in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in South Carolina. This area encompasses two state parks; Caesars Head State Park and Jones Gap State Park. This is a strenuous hike that has almost no switchbacks and takes you mostly straight up the mountainside.

This was our view from the top of Little Pinnacle Mountain after having climbed about 1200 feet.


Here, water is flowing across the face of a large rock outcropping and disappearing over the edge. The flow was coming from a small waterfall nearby.


I passed Oil Camp Creek before beginning my climb.


This is the Jones Gap State Park office.


View of Cleveland Cliffs across Jones Gap.


This is the rock strewn Middle Saluda River.


Icicles along the trail.


That’s me underneath that large boulder.


The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is a great place to hike. I’m looking forward to going back to hike some of the other trails.

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