Three Forks Trail Day Hike

This past Saturday, I went hiking on the Three Forks Trail in Northeast Georgia with six friends from the Oconee County Hiking Club. We were on the trail by about 10:50 am. The temperature was in the 50’s when we started and rose to the mid 70’s under a nearly cloudless sky.

The Three Forks Trail is 3.6 miles long one way. The trail-head is just off of Ga Hwy 28 and although the trail is not blazed, it’s easy to follow. During the first 2.85 miles, the trail undulates as it gradually climbs. Over the next .75 miles, the trail drops 500-600 feet until it reaches the confluence of Holcomb Creek, Overflow Creek, and Big Creek. The three creeks together form the West Fork of the Chattooga River.


Right at the trailhead is Talley Mill Creek. There’s no bridge, so you either have to ford it or try to make your way across on slippery moss covered rocks. Since it was only six or seven inches deep at this spot, most of us decided to ford it. Afterwards, the trail follows this old logging road for a while before turning off.


As we walked, we passed this fallen old tree that was covered with lichens.


When we reached the end of the trail, we sat on the rocks along the bank and ate lunch. In the background is Holcomb Creek.


Overflow Creek is downstream and to the right.


After I finished eating, I worked my way along the bank on the rocks to get a closer look at Holcomb.


The hike out was more challenging since we had to climb back up the 500-600 feet that we had earlier descended. This is a view of the dense forest that the trail passes through.


This small pool of water was right in the middle of the trail and had a number of Tadpole eggs in it. If you look closely, you can see Tadpoles clinging to the log. The eggs had all better hurry up and hatch, because without more rain, this pool of water will soon evaporate.

It was an enjoyable hike to a beautiful destination. This has been only my second hike in the seven weeks since Super Bowl Sunday when I ended up in the emergency room and had to have surgery. I missed a good game with a great ending but at least I’m still around to lament it.


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