Great Smoky Mountains Day Hike – Meigs Mountain Trail

Last weekend, a couple of friends from the hiking club, Martha and Cindi and I headed to the Smokies for a day hike. Our plan was to do a 10.3 mile hike along the Meigs Creek, Meigs Mountain, and Jake’s Creek trails. After about a three hour drive, we arrived at the trail-head parking area at the Sinks, which is just off of Little River Road. The Sinks is a popular fifteen foot waterfall that received it’s name because the swirling water at the bottom of the falls are said to resemble water draining from a basin. Immediately past the falls are stone steps that we climbed as we began our trek.

As we ascended Meigs Mountain, we crossed the creek no less than eighteen times. Because of recent rains, the creek was running somewhat higher than usual. Normally, you would probably be able to rock hop across, but on this day, we had to ford the creek The water was cold, and in places, it was moving pretty fast. Some of the submerged rocks were slippery, so a pair of hiking poles were a must.

At about mile 1.7 we hiked past Meigs Creek Cascades, which are also known as Upper Meigs Falls.

IMAG2745 There were plenty of flowers in bloom along the trail. I think that the white ones are a variety of Trillium. I’m not so sure about the others.

Some stretches of the trail were covered with these pinkish-white flower petals.


Though this was a very enjoyable hike through a pretty forest, there were not many distant views. The sky remained gray all day and rain fell intermittently. Naturally, the heaviest rain came down while we were taking a short break to eat our lunches.

Adjacent to the trail is this cemetery. All of the graves are marked with a small stone at the foot of the grave and a larger stone at the head. With the exception of two modern markers, there were no visible names or dates.

Further along the trail we passed what appears to be the metal rim from an old wagon wheel. We also saw several millipedes during our hike.

We crossed Jake’s Creek on the one and only footbridge of the entire hike, then arrived at the junction. From there it was only eight tenths of a mile further to our destination at Elkmont.

The three of us had driven up in one vehicle, which of course was parked where we had started our hike. We were counting on being able to hitch a ride back. No problem, within five minutes, Martha found a couple who were headed that way and who were kind enough to give her a ride. Cindi and I waited at the Elkmont parking lot. When Martha returned, we loaded up our gear and headed home. This was another good day and another good hike.


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