Foothills Trail, Round Mountain Spur, And Upper Whitewater Falls

June 8th, 2017

The Hike: Foothills Trail (from Sloan Bridge Access) to Round Mountain Spur. Round Mountain Spur to Upper Whitewater Falls and return on Foothills Trail.

The Hikers: Wayne, Pam, and I…AKA, The Three Amigos! (Well, two amigos and one amiga).

The Stats: 10.4 miles with 1929 feet of elevation gain.

Today’s hike was a beautiful walk through a dense forest with lush green vegetation. The temperature was pleasantly mild, even cool, considering that it’s June. The forecast had called for only a 5% chance of precipitation, but dark clouds threatened rain most of the day. It actually drizzled on us three times, but thankfully nothing too heavy. 

The Round Mountain Spur (part of which I had never done), led us to the Whitewater River, just above the Falls. From there, we hiked past a large rockface before arriving at the overlook for Upper Whitewater Falls. We were encouraged to see that the steps to the lower viewing deck, which had been destroyed in a forest fire this past November, are being rebuilt.

The return hike on the Foothills Trail afforded us very nice views of Lake Jocassee and of the surrounding mountains. On the hike back, we met a 63-year-old man who was hiking the entire 76.2 miles of the Foothills Trail with his dog. From where we met them, they only had about 26 or 27 more miles to go.

While I’ve hiked with Pam on a number of occasions this year, this had actually been the first time during 2017 that the three of us (Wayne, Pam, and I) had been able to hike together. It was nice to have Wayne back and hopefully we’ll be able to do more hikes together before the end of the year.

The following are a series of images from our hike. Thanks for reading.

Click this link to view map with interactive elevation chart in new tabScreenshot (56)

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